2014 Course Information is now available! You may also contact us any time to arrange for a custom training course taught at your location. An on-site course also offers the opportunity for us to review your system and tailor the course to your needs.

Rachel Mosier named PDC Principal Engineer - Rachel joined PDC in 2006 and was named vice-president of the firm in 2010. She has been in charge of many underground cable system studies and was the longest-serving Chair of the IEEE Insulated Conductors Committee, from 2008-2011. Please feel free to contact Rachel, or any of our other PDC engineers with your project needs.

Power Delivery Consultants, Inc. is an engineering-consulting firm with a highly experienced staff that provides specialized consulting services for overhead lines, underground transmission cables, and power transformers. Services run the full spectrum from initial planning through O&M support.

Contacting Us

PDC's main offices are located in the Albany, NY area; we have satellite offices in Connecticut and associates located throughout the eastern United States. Please contact Jay Williams at, Telephone 518 384-1300. Further details on contacting selected PDC staff can be found on the Locations page.